Karma Yoga        

As you sow, so shall you reap. That man who helps others really helps himself. The impressions of small and big actions coalesce together and form tendencies. The tendencies develop into character. Character produces will. If one has a strong character, one has a strong will. Karma produces character and character in turn produces will. To do good karma is to work selflessly. Karma destroys pride, selfishness and inertia, it promotes growth and evolution.

This world is very crooked. It is like the tail of a dog. Try to straighten the tail of a dog. As soon as you take away your hands, it will again become crooked. So instead of trying to reform the world, reform yourself first. Then the whole world can be reformed. 


If you know the secret of work, the technique of Karma Yoga, you will be absolutely free from the bondage of Karma. That secret is to work without any attachment and egoism. The central teaching of the Gita is non-attachment to action. A Karma Yogi knows the secret of work. He does not allow any energy to be unnecessarily frittered away. He conserves and regulates energy. He utilises the energy for good purposes that can bring maximum good to a great number of people. This is skill in action.        
                         Swami Sivananda                 


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